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A baby mobile featuring Vancouver wildlife 

In collaboration with Carolina Marques
External Partners:
  • Walrus Design Inc.
  • Industrial Designer
  • 3D Designer
  • Visual Designer

Nurtura is a compact baby mobile designed to introduce an infant to Vancouver’s wildlife. It serves as a form of décor while enhancing cognitive and physical development among infants. It keeps the child entertained with its contrasting colours during periods of wakefulness, as well as soothe the child to sleep with its abstract movements during periods of rest. The mobile introduces one of Vancouver’s endangered species, the red squirrel. It showcases a playful representation of flora and fauna, encouraging the child to become familiarized with its natural environment. Nurtura is constructed from soft felt, maple wood and metal hardware, keeping sustainability and longevity in mind. It comes packaged in compostable cardboard, along with a booklet explaining assembly and use. 

Render 2.jpg
Render 1.2.jpg

The mobile is meant to fit over the user’s crib, making it accessible to families who are renting and unable to drill holes into their ceiling. Nurtura is an attractive alternative to mass-produced plastic mobiles that saturate in the market today, and offer local, sustainable and uniquely Vancouver.  

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