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Rockfish Habitat

A modular habitat for the endangered Rockfish population 

In collaboration with Mamie Shi
External Partners:
  • DESIS Lab 

  • Oceanwise 

  • Vancouver Aquarium 


  • Researcher

  • Industrial Designer

  • Visual Designer

Vancouver rockfish populations are currently on a decline. They are increasingly being driven out of their natural habitats because of human activities. In support of the threatened Rockfish in Howe Sound, we designed a modular habitat for the rockfish population to help support their restoration. 

Focusing our attention on adult Quillback rockfish which dwells in deep rocky bottoms, we considered their preferred environment, the size of the fish and their lifestyle. These modules can be stacked in numerous ways, providing shelter for different sized Quillback rockfish, as well as other bottom dwellers in order to support a healthier ecosystem. The habitat is meant to stack along rocky bottoms, the openings providing shelter for the fish. It features natural ridges that act as both joinery and spaces for sea fauna to grow. The modules are casted out of concrete and meant to be lowered down to the ocean floor by divers.  

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