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A makeup brush multi-tool kit for beauty on the go 

In collaboration with
Ruth Weng and Yujie Ding 
  • Design Lead
  • 3D Designer

Make-up requires a plethora of tools for various jobs. These brush sets often take up a lot of space and are clunky to work with.  

PacLite is a new take on how make-up brushes are bought, used and stored. Designed to be modular and personally customized to the user’s individual make-up style, the product consists of a single barrel that houses 3-4 brush tips. The barrel, acting as a brush handle and storage, features an embedded magnetic lock, making the interaction smooth and easy. The brush tips are easily attached and removed at the top of the barrel with a simple twist to be easily interchangeable. PacLite reduces waste associated with make-up brushes by removing repeating parts and focusing on personalized customization. This allows for a wide range of use and make-up styles. 


Intended for beginner to casual make-up users, especially for frequent travelers. Compared to the standard brush rollup bag, PacLite fits in most make-up bags. It is easy to clean, and most importantly, the barrel and the design of the tips protects the bristles from splitting and fraying, keeping them safe inside and ready for use. 

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